Moving Image Arts Workshop with Mark Reid (BFI)

Free workshop for teachers on Monday, 24th January at Studio ON.

For 15 years the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris has been running a film programme called ‘Cinema cent ans de jeunesse.’  Each year a group of participating workshops (in schools, cinemas, youth projects in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal) is given an aspect of film language and a curriculum designed to enable young people to produce high quality film work.  Film language themes started with Lumiere (in 1995; the centenary of cinema; students made films in the style of the Lumiere Bros), and have covered light, foreground/ background, and last year, camera movement.  The Cinematheque offers training to group leaders, and sends out DVD compilations of clips from about 40 films showcasing different aspects of the theme.

This workshop will take teachers through this year’s theme (which is ‘Montrer/ cacher’, or shown/ hidden) – featuring clips and discussion, and then a series of story and film-making exercises.  The programme has the virtue of sharing many principles with Moving Image Arts – but the approaches are complementary.  You can read more about it (in French!) click here and in English click here

We hope you can join us.


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